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California Inc.

Turnkey Imagine Asian Theater Restoration (LA)

Upgrades to the Spelling Residence Screening Room (LA)

Upgrades to the Stone Residence Screening Room (LA)

Upgrades to the Marciano Residence Screening Room (LA)

Sound UpGrades to 6 Plex in Laughlin Nevada

Upgrades to the Spelling Residence Screening Room (LA)

Turnkey 6 Plex in Rexburg Idaho

14 Plex Kansas City, Kansas

Sound & Projection Upgrades for UCLA Student Union

3 Kinoton Dual Projection Screening Rooms for USC

2 Theaters on GTMO - Cuba (LA)

Turnkey six plex in McKinlyville California with 2 THX approved auditoriums.

Turkey 4 plex in Bastrop Texas all with Dolby Digital, Stadium Seating, and Three Way screen speakers.

Multiple complete projection system set-ups and integrations with Pro audio systems for private residences from coast to coast.

A theatre expansion of 3 screens in Ridgecrest California, Stadium seating, Digital sound and Three way screen speakers, including some upgrade work in the other 5 houses.

Maintenance and sound upgrades at the Writers Guild of America Theatre. WGA Theatre

Created, Installed, upgraded and maintained several portable screening room trailers. Including multiple speed, rock and roll capabilities, and auditorium remotes for sound and projection control. Some having Digital video and sound formats, all having analog sound, and most having mag sound capabilities. Including recent upgrades to allow for magless dailies.

Cinema upgrades and install for two military theatres in Yokosuka, Japan.

Two outdoor and one indoor digital projection theatres in the Republic of Marshall Islands

Projector and lamphouse upgrades for a Japanese Anime Society

Maintence, service and upgrades at one of L.A.'s times top rated area theatres, The Vista

Digital upgrade of the historic Alex Theatre in Glendale, California.

Barco D-CinePremier installation at Sony studios in Culver City, California.

Kinoton 35mm Studio Electronic Film projectors and Barco Digital Projectors (D-CinePremier) for a Division of Panavision.

The first THX certified theatre on the continent of Africa. It is a grand building in Mombassa Kenya. They have stadium seating, Tri-amplified screen speakers, Dolby Digital EX sound, DTS digital sound and Cinemeccanica equipment. Come on safari.

Theatre Upgrade for a local theatre in Kemmerer Wyoming.

Film Setup for MGM, French review show La Femme.

Several major University film department screening rooms using the Kinoton FP-38 16/35mm electronic projection systems. Some with all digital formats, some with one or two digital formats.

Restoration of an 8 plex in Glendora California

Two Plex in Pinedale Wyoming - State of the Art Digital sound theatres.

Theatre service and various upgrades at Fallon Naval Air Station "Top Gun" Theatre.

Blue Sky Cinema, Monticello Utah Theatre Upgrade.

6 Plex in Chicago.

Production Projection (6) for Technicolor of Canada.

Upgrade 6 PLex for Minor Theatre Corp.

5 Plex Cinema in Romania.

The Pharaohplex in Hamilton Montana

Projection and digital sound equipment for Waimea Theatre Restoration, at Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii. VISIT the islands.

Projection/sound equipment upgrades and service for Motion Picture Corporation of Americas Ocean Avenue Screening Room.

Projection/sound equipment upgrades and service for Digital Domains Screening Room.

Projection and sound equipment, including digital, for four 1300-seat cinemas in Rangoon, Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma) on-site technical supervision was also supplied.

Sound upgrades, including Dolby digital plus DTS digital plus Sony SDDS: all three digital capabilities in each of three screening-rooms at two major film processing laboratories in Hollywood.

An industry screening-room at PANAVISION HOLLYWOOD facility, including high-performance multi-speed/reversing 35mm projection capability with 5-channel stereo sound.

A 10-screen cinema for HOYTS CINEMA, at Saltillo, Mexico. Includes all projection and digital sound equipment, including screens and front-ends. On-site supervision of all technical facilities was also provided. (Hoyts operates 900+ screens worldwide)

Dual projection and sound systems complete for the GREEN THEATER, a 382-seat auditorium located in the Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, California.

Equipment upgrades for BOSS FILMS STUDIO in Santa Monica, California.

Projection and Dolby sound system complete for DREAMWORKS SKG ANIMATION STUDIO screening room, Glendale, California.

Projection upgrades for POLYGRAM FILMED ENTERTAINMENT, Beverly Hills, California.

A 4-screen cinema in Yucca Valley, California. All projection and sound equipment, including DOLBY DIGITAL and DTS DIGITAL and the new Kelmar reverse-scan optical upgrades.

35mm and dual projection system, including Dolby stereo, all screen and surround speaker systems, 40-foot screen and frame installation at the 1200-seat Palm Springs High School, installed for the Nortel Palm Springs International Film Festival, in Palm Springs, California. Take a walk inside!

35mm projection and Dolby sound and complete speaker system for the Palm Springs Convention Center. Installed for the Nortel Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Upgrading and Maintenance and service contracts with multiple military base theatres around the western United States.

Projection and sound system complete for PLANET HOLLYWOOD in Beverly Hills, California.

Projection and Dolby digital sound equipment, including screens and speaker systems for four 1300-seat cinemas in Rangoon and Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma). On-site installation supervision was also provided.

Complete projection and digital sound equipment for a three-screen complex in Beirut, Lebanon.

Motion picture capability in 16mm, 35mm and 70mm, including digital sound, at the 1100-seat Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Theater at California State University, Long Beach, CA.

A private screening-facility for the Hollywood production community, located at the HARMONY GOLD building on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. It is a 400-seat theatre with 47 ft. wide (14M) screen, with dual projectors, 4500 watt Xenon light-source, Dolby digital and DTS digital sound, and capability for separate picture with synchronous 35mm Mag-Track in various Mag-Track formats. See what it looks like!

Projection equipment for 10 screens at Mexico City and Cancun, for Telecines De Carlos Amador De Mexico, S.A.

Various sound and projection equipment projects in South America, India, Myanmar, and other countries. Theatre equipment projects in California, Oregon, Nevada and other U.S. locations.

Parts, supplies, accessories and services for various special-venue motion-picture applications, all over the World.

35mm and 70mm projection and digital (DOLBY digital /DTS digital / Sony digital) additions to technical facilities at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences GOLDENSON THEATRE, North Hollywood, California.

Complete sound-rack and auditorium speaker systems for bi-amplified Dolby analog-stereo, for Cinema D.K. Stroitley at Novosibirsk, Russian Federation.

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